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If You're New

We think you're gonna love Pilates-- it makes your body feel so good and look so great! If you're new to Pilates, or are in pain, please contact us for a 20-30 minute complimentary consultation.

In this time we can address your goals, needs and physical condition, and introduce you to the equipment. Then you can decide whether you would like to join a group class, private 1:1 training, or start with private training to prepare you for groups.

Our studio has six Reformer and Powerformer machines, and only six members in classes at any time.

Contact us to Schedule your Complimentary Consultation ----->

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If You're New to VBodies with Pilates Experience

If you DO have Pilates reformer experience, or have done mat Pilates and feel confident you can achieve a small-group Reformer class, please feel free to 'sign up and show up' for your first class!

Looking for more in your Pilates results? Please give our Powerformer class a try! You will do the same 'moves' as a Pilates reformer class, just with the option of light, medium or heavy weight training-- integrated into the Powerformer. You will get more muscle tone, sculpting, stamina or size, depending on your goals and weight choice. Very cool option for Pilates veterans!

Complimentary Consultations

A consultation allows us to assess your movement patterns and devise a movement program to best fit your individual body and individual goals. This initial session also allows you to become comfortable with the various equipment used in our studio, and can be a foundation from which we can help you build/rebuild a loving relationship with your new Victory body. Your initial consultation will become the basis of your Pilates movement practice and you will be given personalised one-on-one attention from your instructor during this 20-30 minute session. Includes a Postural Assessment, individual consultation to devise needs and goals, and an introduction to the reformer and Powerformer machines!

Contact us to Schedule your Complimentary Consultation ----->

Frequently Asked Questions

1Before your first class/session
Feel free to give us a call or drop us an email to discuss any questions you may have about your body, our classes, or what services to book into. We want you to feel comfortable before you even set foot in our door, and we value the relationships we build with our clients, so call, email, and ask away - we are here to help! All classes must be booked, either by scheduling online or on Pike 13, or giving us a call or an email and we will book it in for you. Once you are all booked in, please arrive at least 10 minutes early so you can get comfortable in our space, fill out the waiver, and ask us as many questions as your heart desires.
2What to wear
Comfortable and stretchy clothes will offer you the most freedom for you to exercise your body in and allow teachers to check the alignment and movement patterns of your body with their watchful eye. For hygiene reasons we request that clients wear socks to their session, preferably Pilates socks with grip on the bottom. That said, most members wear athletic socks and they work fine.
3Bookings and Waitlist
Feel free to book online through our webpage or on the Pike 13 App on your mobile device. The waitlist works!! If a class is fully booked you can join the waitlist and receive an email & text message once you’re placed in class. You can respond to the sms with Y to accept your spot or N to pass your spot on to the next person on the list. This system works smoothly and efficiently so if you’re unable to get in, just pop your name on the waitlist and you’ll more often than not get yourself a spot!
4Running Late, No-Shows and Late Cancellations
Running Late? It's your spot, so come on in at any time throughout your class ! We will never lock you out, or make you feel uncomfortable. We really appreciate you taking time to come in, especially on your busiest days. Even if you get half the class in-- you will leave more relaxed and more capable of handing the stress of a busy day.

Early Cancellations: You can freely cancel, without charge, up to 12 hours before a session start time.

Late Cancellations:If the class is NOT FULL, and you cancel less than 12 hours prior to the session start time, you will be charged a $10 "Love Bites" fee to help pay your instructor. If the class is FULL or WAITLISTED, or you NO SHOW the class, we simply use your class pass as compensation.

Lucky Waitlist Winners: We will make every effort to fill your cancelled spot with the waitlist. If you cancel and a waitlisted member gets in-- lucky you! You can always ask a friend to save your spot.
5How often should I come?
We suggest attending the studio at least 2-3 times per week, in your first 4-8 weeks, to allow maximum input of newly acquired movement patterns into the body, plus greatly increased strength, flexibility and better posture. For peace of mind and general wellbeing, we encourage you to come as often as you like- you do not need much rest after low-impact exercise like ours. We diversify your sessions, and like to keep your body on its toes!
6Location and Parking
Our studio is located at 3823 Airport Blvd, Suite C., Austin TX 78722. We are on the corner of 38 1/2 Street and Airport, just behind the Shell station that is being rebuilt. Our neighbors are Mantis Massage, KOOP Radio, City Theater, and Neighborhood Acupuncture Project. Our studio is on the Airport-facing side and you will see our red OPEN sign and christmas lights thru the windows. PARKING: We have a large lot that is free for your use. Please park in front of VBodies if possible, but if not, there are 40 more spaces in and around the back side of the building.
You are welcome to come in a few minutes early and hang out on the sofas. Please note we are a studio so phone calls must be taken outside. We have a bathroom for changing and freshening up, but unfortunately no shower. Also we have bike racks directly out front if you like to ride to Pilates!

Welcome to a magical Pilates experience!