Personal Reviews

This week I completed my 28th Pilates class, so I thought I'd show you a pic even though I still am super self-conscious. The results are obvious. I owe you & Pilates a huge thank you! I'm pretty sure I'm this strong because of you!


Personal Reviews

I've obtained the 6-pack I always wanted, and have incredible stamina and strength. My back pain is almost entirely gone and definitely manageable. Everyone wants body victories, and Matthew's VBodies can show you the way to efficiently obtain the body you've always wanted.

Bryce Thompson, (12x Men's Health Cover Guy)

Personal Reviews

Matt helped me with new moves and showed me how to apply Pilates techniques to some more that I've done for years. They will get you ripped! VBodies Rocks!


Personal Reviews

That kayaking trip to Greece I was training for? The activities were easy because of my VBodies training. I have just booked a four-week trek in the outback of Nepal. Matthew has given me the confidence to tackle such a feat!


Personal Reviews

Hey Matthew....I am the leanest I've even been :) feeling radicle. I have found a great love, enjoying the now in my workouts. Thanks!

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  • Mariah
    Bottom Line: Starting powerformer classes at VBodies was the best decision I've made for my health/fitness in years.
  • Giovanna
    Amazing workout! I have never enjoyed a workout like I do now. Matthew is wonderful! He gives you focused attention and varied routines that change your body. I have felt and noticed a difference, and I totally love it!
  • Bryan
    An up-and-coming studio, conveniently located in Mueller, perfect for a first timer like me. Matthew does a great job flowing through workouts and bringing new exercises to the routine, which helps make each session freshly challenging.
  • Alexis
    Matthew is great! His workouts always offer a variety, he is attentive to your personal needs, and I've seen and felt real results in just a few dedicated weeks!